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Speed Up My PC - SCAM-

Lately there has ben a lot of these "Speed Up My PC" scams on the television. I am surprised the FTC has not shut them down. More surprising is the willingness of the broadcast companies to knowingly propagate this fraud. Here is a list the procedures they use to "Speed Up Your PC". Hopefully enough people will take this on as common knowledge and put these scammers out of business.

Note: If you use a Mac or a LINUX based computer, disregard this. You don't need any manual tuning.

1) Use Microsoft update and be sure to choose the "Custom" option. Select all the updates (except MS Live) and update your system.

2) Remove ALL unnecessary programs. If you don't use it, delete it! Be careful and use the uninstaller that came with your program. If you get too aggressive, you can break things!

3) Update all of your programs, not just the Operating System. Often vendors will release fixes for problems, patch security holes and maybe even add new features.

4) FREE AV Program! Yes, it is FREE from Microsoft.

5) Piriform is your friend. Get and use their CCleaner and Defraggler Products. Again... FREE Note: Don't schedule Defraggler it will wear out your drives by doing a lot of unnecessary maintenance. Also be sure to use the Registry Check feature in CCleaner.

That's it! You have safely tuned your PC without inviting questionable entities into your computer. Did I mention that it was FREE?